Gustav Morcinek’s Gastronomic Technical School


Gustav Morcinek’s Gastronomic Technical School in Katowice

40-382 Katowice, ul. Roździeńska 25
tel./fax 32 256 98 23

headmaster: Urszula Stacha
deputy: Bożena Kotecka
head of practical training: Beata Glinka


Technical School No. 3

Technician of nutrition and food services (cook)
T.6 – preparation of food and drinks
T.10 – organization of nutrition and food services

T.9 – providing waiter services
T.10 – organization of catering services

Technician of ports and terminals exploitation
A.33 – service of travelers at ports and terminals
A.34 – organization and carrying out work related to the handling and storage of goods and cargo in ports and terminals

Vocational School No. 2

T.6 – preparation of food and drinks

Qualification courses for adults

Qualification T.6 – preparation of food and drinks
Qualification T.15 – organization of nutrition and food services
Qualification T.9 – providing waiter services

Information about our school

Our advantage is the high pass rate of professional examinations. School graduates can work in restaurants, bars and other catering establishments. They are prepared to run their own business, organizing parties and catering. With the growth of catering industry there is no problem of finding a job. Students who have obtained the title of technician of ports and terminals exploitation will work in the region, which in addition to Pyrzowice Airport has an extensive network of transport and forwarding.

As a part of regular workshops in the school, students have the opportunity to work with the best known chefs and gain the knowledge about new trends in gastronomy.
At the meetings with employees of the airports students learn the ins and outs of the airport workshop. Our apprentices gain good results in national culinary and bartending competitions.

Traineeships take place in the best hotels and restaurants of our region. For those students who are willing, the school organizes summer traineeships in recreational centers at the Baltic Sea. As part of a new European Union Project there were intramural and away-from home (at the Baltic Sea region) traineeships organized. Traineeships at Katowice Pyrzowice Airport as well as in shipping and transport companies are planned for students of our new subject. We also plan to organize traineeships abroad for students of each of our subjects.
The school takes part in the Erasmus+ programme. We have already been to France, Turkey, Spain and Greece. We also plan activities as part of Regional Operational Programme which is financed by the European Union.

The school offers:

  • friendly, multimedia equipped classrooms, two modern technology workplaces, a consumer service classroom, a specialist classroom for exploitation of ports and terminals classes, a computer laboratory, a library and a reading room with an Internet access and modern sport courts
  • comfortable conditions for sports classes which take place in a modern sport center.
  • The school holds the following certificates: The School of Entrepreneurship, The School Promoting of Healthy Lifestyle

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